Big Day

Finance Committee discusses the Roanoke 40 at 3pm today! 

With our presentation on the Roanoke 40 at Monday's School Board complete (check here when uploaded), we're on to Step 2.

2. Thursday, October 20th at 3pm: City and School administration will present analysis of the Roanoke 40 to City Council's finance committee.  

3. TBD: City Council special meeting to discuss a dedicated funding solution. 

Why is today important? 

With the CAFR outstanding, the public doesn't have a clear view of city finances. We only learn about what can or cannot be done when solutions are presented and city staff provides us analysis from the inside. Today is highly important because we'll learn how to improve the Roanoke 40. In our current state (absent Mayor and unclear finances), the only way we'll see change is to present solutions from the outside and learn from the churning wheels of government. (Note: Selena Cuffee-Glenn is not to blame, she hasn't been given the directive to make passing a solution a priority, but that will hopefully change for the better on November 8th). Councilman Baliles, who has been the only City Councilperson to present a solution, had told me many times (even pre-Mayor campaign) that he doesn't care if his is THE solution, just that we need A solution. 

What can you do? 

Here's where you come in. Your voice needs to be heard to make this a reality because our elected officials are only as accountable as we hold them. Time is almost out as next years budget begins in early November. This cannot wait until after the election. 

We need City Council to act on #3. When contacting City Council, you can point them towards the research and interviews we've conducted. But honestly, if schools are TRULY our priority, then we'll find a solution. 

Be sure to contact your City Council members (RF homepage one-click) about your support of a dedicated solution before the budget season beings in early November!