A New Richmond


Calling all passionate and awesome people, we need your help to move Richmond forward! December 4th from Noon to 1:30pm at Storefront.

The next 12 months are crucial is shaping the following decade. We have a running list of actions (later in email), but we need your help to divide and conquer. RSVP via Facebook or email today!  

Election results and takeaways

In Richmond, we have Mark Cheatham to thank for EXCELLENT election coverage with "The Table." Take time to listen to Episode 5's liquid gold, face melting, ankle breaking, hot recap of Richmond's election. Key takeaways: 

  • In general, endorsements don't impact elections
  • The exception, Jon Baliles' endorsement boosted Stoney to a stand-alone win
  • VCU came out to vote in record numbers and aided Stoney's outright win
  • Donald Moss doubled turnout in Whitcomb Court
  • Take your federal election passion and pour it into local community engagement by signing up for an open board or commission today

I started writing about the national election, but it got way too personal so I'll post thoughts on my blog - a place I use for therapy and to make my mom happy. 

Locally, my thrill meter is on level 10 (it goes to 11). Education as our top priority was championed by many candidates and the mayor-elect. I've heard that Stoney's already working to make good on his election promise of developing a compact to support schools. 

Having former school board members Kim Gray and Kristen Larson join Council is a great step forward in informing council-level decisions on education. Look no further than Council's legislative summit which was dominated by reforming our school state-funding model. Reforming the LCI state-funding formula was also a prime topic from the Bellwether Education Partners community presentation on school budgeting (pdf). If this we're looking for collaborative action, maybe we can start by following Williamsburg's resolution sent to the General Assembly last year. 

Richmond Forward next steps 

The next 12 months will be crucial is shaping the following decade. In our first year, we've organized actions into three buckets: solutions-based analysis, engagement, and communication. Below is our proposed list of actions, but this only goes as far as you will take it. Our mission of empowerment is informed by organizing principles that we "should not do for others what they can do for themselves." On December 4th from Noon to 1:30pm at Storefront do for yourself and show up. We're going to discuss next steps, how they can be accomplished, and assign responsibilities. 

If you're ready to take action, please join us and RSVP via Facebook or email!  

Solutions-Based Analysis

  • Dedicated school funding (Roanoke 40) 
  • Cigarette tax directed to school facility maintenance 
  • Option 5 school roadmap/community conversation 
  • Option 5 endorsed by City Council and CIP reordered to align public investments 
  • Develop  a coalition to advocate for LCI reform and state infrastructure dollars


  • City-wide master plan update and schools 
  • Parent/teacher advocate training 
  • Student advocate training 
  • Begin an Each One, Reach One movement to matching a mentor to each student in RPS 


  • Top 5 facts about school facilities 
  • Website for neighborhood/school-level contacts for Support Our Schools/Richmond PTA

December 4th from Noon to 1:30pm at Storefront. RSVP via Facebook event or email!