Recapping Parents Speak Out! @PPDC

We had a terrific host (Peter Paul Development Center) and partner (Micah Initiative) for our first night of Parents Speak Out! About 20 people from all over Richmond attended to discuss the current budget gap and next steps. The audience expertise was astounding as attendees ranged from an RPS teacher with 30-years’ experience, Fairfield Court Elementary teacher of the year, graduates and now parents of RPS children, and long-standing community advocates. 

Major action steps:

1. We need to speak out!

Support our Schools organized the past few marches on City Hall and mark the evening of May 9th on your calendar today. That’s the next opportunity for public comment on the schools budget, so be ready to show up to City Hall and speak out!

2. We need to keep the conversation going, especially about PROGRAMMING!

People mentioned a history of schools advocacy interest rising during budget season, but simmering out shortly after. We know for long-term solutions, we need to be intentional about building a network of contacts NOW. Sign up on Richmond Forward and join the Support our Schools Facebook group as we’re collaborating to build a contacts network for continued discussions this summer.

3. We need to get involved!

Email Damon Jiggetts (PPDC’s Executive Director) your thoughts on long-term funding solutions for schools. He’s volunteering on the Mayor’s Davenport Taskforce. Minutes from each meeting will be made public, and from looking at the first meeting, they’ve got a lot of information to cover!  

But, you don’t have to be a community all-star like Damon to get involved. The City of Richmond has 37 OPENINGS to fill by July 1st for committees dealing with a variety of super-important issues like our environment, community health, criminal justice, and technical education.

We’re looking to hold our next night of Parents Speak Out! in southside Richmond, specifically for our growing Latino population. If you have any contacts at a church or community group who would can host, please email me today!