Mayorathon responses!

With the start of the school year upon us, we’re handing out homework to kick that summer brain into action!

The mayoral responses to education are in, and there are lots of items to evaluate and discuss.


Be sure to read about Williams’ call for regional school integration, Tyler’s K-8 magnet school model, and Mosby’s Baltimore-style plan of coordinating school and neighborhood revitalization efforts.

Dig into the details of Berry's reform plan of quarterly joint School Board-City Council meetings, an education staff liaison, and a 5-year budget and CIP overhaul. Baliles’ presents his plan to develop a sustainable RPS funding stream by devoting 60.8% real estate and 1 cent meals tax to schools. Junes has an idea to create a public-private tax investment surcharge that would remake our entire taxation system.

Stoney’s leadership temperament is reminiscent of Dr. Bedden’s application of servant leadership, and Morrissey is looking to bring the fight to an “ill-prepared” city hall.

Read through the responses and let me know what stood out to you! 

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