Thriving Richmond Survey

Average-Quality Sketch of Thriving Richmond Network 

Average-Quality Sketch of Thriving Richmond Network 

Thriving Richmond’s goal is to develop a collective impact framework in the City of Richmond to support a thriving education for all of Richmond’s children.

On November 8th, 12 people met as a Thriving Richmond organizing team to discuss next steps, which in the collective impact framework is to establish a common agenda.

We decided that the initial focus of Thriving Richmond will be to strengthen the network of advocates and service providers to inform future efforts to connect with those directly impacted (e.g. students, parents, teachers, and staff), or those making policy and funding decisions (e.g. government, business, philanthropy). This focus would help us accomplish goals of identifying who else needs to be involved, while moving towards agreed upon action steps.

Before we have another meet up to establish a common agenda for 2018, we decided that a survey could help us (1) identify areas of common cause and gaps, and (2) begin to identify priority action steps to inform future discussion.

Please complete one survey per organization/group by next Friday (11/24) at Noon.

The survey will take 15 minutes to complete. Information gathered will be shared collectively within the Thriving Richmond network.

Please feel free to share the survey with additional advocate or service providers who have not yet been involved. Also, if you’re a philanthropic group or individual and are unsure about whether you should complete the survey, please complete it.

If you have any questions, please contact us at