What is the difference between the budget and Capital Improvements Plan (CIP)?

How does the budget process work? How do I push for change and when is the best time to speak up?

Does this move us closer to funding a plan to meet immediate and long-standing RPS facility needs? Does it at least provide simple, basic maintenance?

If you are interested in answers to these questions, that’s great because we are hard at work analyzing the School Board’s and Mayor’s proposed budget and CIP. We believe that inclusion and empowerment are essential to lasting change, so help us improve our work by sending us following:

  • Questions, comments, or concerns you have about the budget or CIP and improving RPS facilities
  • Educational videos, articles, or resources that helped you understand the City's or School's budget and CIP  
  • Analysis of the proposed budgets or CIPs with respect to improving RPS facilities
  • Stories of how failing RPS facilities impacts your day-to-day  

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