Hot Summer Monday Nights

The Compact

City Council will hold a public hearing on the Compact this Monday, July 24th in City Hall, and it’s your last chance to speak out!  

Since the Compact joint meeting, a press release on the Mayor’s blog detailed the following changes:

  1. All meetings (quarterly joint-board and Education Compact) will be held after 5pm, filmed, and posted online with highlights posted in English and Spanish.
  2. The composition of the Education Compact team will include six (6) stakeholders representing the business, philanthropic, nonprofit, civic and academic communities, and six (6) representing RPS parents, teachers, staff, and students.

For the School Board, the resolution changes are nicely highlighted in yellow and accompanied by a letter from the Mayor that details roles for each elected body. The School Board public hearing is scheduled for August 7th.

If you have comments about the Compact, your time to speak is now! Contact City Council today via email (RF homepage one-click) or call before Monday night. Show up to City Hall at 6pm, and when this item is reached on the agenda, walk to the podium. Contacting the City Hall Clerk at 646-7955 to sign up as a speaker before the meeting is highly encouraged.

If you’re just hearing about the Compact or want to refresh your memory, take a look back at our coverage of it’s birth, first steps at community meetings, and it’s attempt to run with analysis of government and advocates.

Mason on a Mission

School Board will hold a 6pm public hearing next Monday, July 31st at Mason Elementary. They could take action to address the dangerous facility needs before the first day of school. Or, they could do nothing.

The Mason community needs to be at this meeting and make their voices heard! Richmond Forward has teamed with Peter Paul Development Center, Church Hill Activities & Tutoring, and Principal Furgeson and staff of Mason Elementary to provide FREE TRANSPORTATION and FOOD to aid in this effort! An event poster with details will be coming soon.

You can help by doing one, or all, of the following:

  1. Share this Facebook event.  
  2. Sign and share this position started by Mason parents.
  3. Share the event poster (coming soon) with your network or print off and put in a local gathering place.
  4. Reach out to anyone associated with Mason Elementary and get them to this meeting.
  5. Contact School Board via email (RF homepage one-click) or call to support action on Mason Elementary before the next school year. Bonus points if you get your workplace or organization to write a letter of support.
  6. Show up to the meeting on July 31st at 6pm and speak in support of action for Mason Elementary.
  7. Email ( or call (440) 796-0298 if you want to help with food (bringing some or serving) from 5pm to 6pm on Monday, July 31st.

Next week we’ll provide analysis of the proposed options to address this situation. This week it’s about getting people to the table.

If you wouldn’t put your children in this decrepit facility, how can we let it stand for others? If we are true about becoming ONE Richmond (#1RVA), it’s time we stand with Mason.

Will you step up?