Work with, not against.


    We work towards what’s possible. We’re not interested in being against something just to be against something. Our goal is to ensure difficult conversations happen instead of letting hard topics or the lack of options stall out the overall decision-making process.  We work with a collaborative spirit to build “what’s possible” rather than with a naysayer spirit of “that won’t work.”

    Middle out.

    Some people work top down, focusing on leaders and policy without a focus on the people they serve. Some people work bottom up, aiming to leverage grassroots support to bring about change. Richmond Forward works in the middle. We request authentic citizen and stakeholder collaboration and boost the voice of grassroot efforts. We communication directly with decision-makers and improve accessibility to information. Everybody’s voice needs to be at the table, and not just for show.

    Bring some outside perspective.

    We’re not the only ones working on public education, neighborhoods, or relationship building. Other people and organizations around Virginia (and beyond) are doing things that work. It’s worth studying what others have done and applying that to our context here in Richmond. Some outside perspective can inspire us to imagine new ways to tackling old problems and push us beyond the status quo.