Richmond Forward
Facilitating Richmond’s Future

Our Actions

Move Richmond forward by

  • Demanding [callingfor/promoting/requesting] transparency and accountability,
  • Providing accessibility to existing information,
  • Contributing needed research and analysis,
  • Collaborating of all toward solutions.
  • Suggesting solutions for the purpose of moving hte conversation
  • Facilitating [assist in the progress of] conversation toward solutions,
  • Collaborating toward solutions
  • Providing accessible
  • Providing solutions
  • Asking questions

Three elements. Something about the pressure we put on people in charge. Something about useful contributions to conversation (translating and solutions). Something about collaboration.


** We are a connector and a translator



  • People to other people.
  • People to ideas.
  • Elected officials to constituents.
  • Constituents to elected officials.
  • Leaders to leaders.


  • Making sense out of complexity to help people act.