Thriving Richmond

“Thriving is about realizing our fullest potential as individuals and communities.”
- UVA’s Thriving Cities project

If your heart is invested in the children of Richmond, you know that our education system can, should, and needs to do better. We know that schools alone cannot achieve the future of a world-class education system in Richmond, as challenges in transportation, housing, the economy, poverty, racism, immigration policy, criminal justice, the environment, physical and mental health, all directly impact the classroom.

It’s time we gathered to deconstruct the professional and class divides within or community. The divide of RVA and Richmond.


Past Actions 

In early September 2017, Building a Better RPS, Council of PTA's, StayRVASupport Our Schools, and Richmond Forward met to discuss a collective impact event to identify common priorities as we pursue a thriving education system in Richmond. John Sarvay and Floricane Inc. will facilitate the conversation and prepare a report with results. Read about the intention behind this collaboration here

On October 3rd, 2017, more than 60 community leaders and volunteers from dozens of advocacy groups, service providers, and philanthropic foundations came together at the YWCA of Richmond. The meeting’s goal was to begin building a network of service provider and advocacy stakeholders around a collective impact model. Read the full recap here

On November 8, 2017, twelve participants of the Thriving Richmond network met to discuss next steps. It was decided that a survey was needed to inform next steps and to capture contact information for all the participants. Read the full recap here

During April 2018, Michael Digiacomo with the YMCA of Richmond put together this infographic to explain the results from the community survey and the contact map located above. 

Contact us at if you want to join this effort!